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What is Mediainfotec Live Events?
Mediainfotec Live Events is a platform where broadcasters get to telecast every one of the aforementioned occasions for their clients and likewise get to impart the Live broadcast to the client's family, friends and all other members of their choice. Not only that, they can likewise chat live with all those who are accessible on other instant messenger services while the broadcast is taking place.

Are the services available on Mediainfotec Live Events free?

7 days trial is available to and for all broadcasters. After the 7 days free trial, they can avail packages as per the broadcaster’s requirement.

What do I need to watch Mediainfotec Live Events?

1) To use Mediainfotec Live Events you need a PC, MAC, Android mobile, Smart TV, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Google TV, Western Digital Streaming device, Mediainfotec desktop Apps.
2) the latest version of Adobe Flash Player must also be installed on your device.

What do I need to broadcast?

All you need to broadcast on Mediainfotec Live Events is a
1) Camcorder or webcam hooked up to an Internet connected PC or MAC computer or Mediainfotec Vidiiu streaming device.
2) An up-to-date browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari must be installed.
3) The latest version of Adobe Flash Player must be installed on your PC or MAC.

How do I start broadcasting?

If you are using Mediainfotec Live Events for the first time, use the ‘Broadcaster Login’ option on the home page, and fill in a simple signup page to get started.

What speed internet connection do I need to stream on Mediainfotec Live Events?

A broadband connection is generally recommended, however you can broadcast live video on Mediainfotec Live Events with as little as 200kbps of upload bandwidth for 240p resolution and 500kbps of upload bandwidth for 360p resolution. Check www.speedtest.net to see if you have the necessary upload connection speed.

What type of camera is compatible with Mediainfotec Live Events?

Any USB based capture card or we recommend pinnacle capture card or easycapture card for best broadcasting capture card and USB/Fire wire camcorders are also supported by Mediainfotec Live Events provided your computer recognizes your camera as a video capture device

How do I report inappropriate content or copyright infringements?

Below each video window there is a "Report" button. Please use this to flag content that is in violation of our Terms of Service or is otherwise inappropriate.

What are the keys to a high quality stream?

There are many ways to improve the quality of your broadcast. If your broadcast is choppy, ensure you have enough bandwidth to broadcast at your selected quality settings. Lowering the quality setting or video bit rate will improve video smoothness. If your picture quality is poor, you may consider investing in a higher quality camera. Also try adjusting your lighting. Digital cameras need a lot of light, since video appears grainy in dark conditions.

How do I reset or change my password?

1. Sign in
2. Go to my account page
3. Using the option which says ‘change password’ on your screen, by clicking on this option you can reset your password.

How do I delete my account?

Email us at live@Mediainfotec.comto terminate your account permanently.

Note: Please note that it takes a maximum of 48 hours for the process to take place.

Which image formats does Mediainfotec Live Events support in My Account page?

The design page supports .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png formats.


How can I delete my saved video files?

Use the activate or deactivate video option available in VOD page under My Account. For complete delete please mail us at

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